May 14

Do-not-reply mailbox in Exchange 2010

Got a question today from a customer that wanted a “do-not-reply” mailbox. A good post for the blog that probably will come in handy later, i thought. A quick search om google and i found a great article written by Richard Kok .

So why reproduce the setup in my blog when i can link to Richards blog ?! 🙂 easy peasy….

Nov 30

WMI GPO filters to distinguish Windows versions

Found a good article about using WMI filters on GPO’s to distinguish between Windows Versions :

This can become handy when all computer accounts are stored in the same OU and you need to apply a different GPO for each version of Windows.

Important to remember is that Windows XP has different version numbers for the 32 and 64 bit version.

A list of all Windows Versions :


Another way to accomplish this is by using AD groups for each version and use them as filter on the GPO. The downside with this approach is that it is easy to forget to add new computers to the groups and can maybe make it harder to troubleshoot…

It would be nice if you could solve this With GPO preferences …. i will test if that is possible … to be continued 🙂

Nov 02

IE10 and Exchange 2013 (ecp) incompability ?!

There seems to be a problem with the ecp when using IE10 on a Windows 2012 Server . It keeps crashing all the time 🙁

Earlier this week i was at a Exchange 2013 course and we all had this problem in the lab enviroment.

Later when installing the RTM Version in my test enviroment i got the same problem. One solution is of course to use Firefox , it works fine 🙂 .

I switched over to  my Windows 8 Laptop and strangely enough IE 10 works fine ?!

However , when going to forums and blogs on the net i find that even IE10 i Win8 crashes for some people.

A bit embarrasing for MS maybe ? 😉 suppose they are coming out with a patch soon…

Nov 02

Trying to understand WordPress

– It is so easy and everyone can use it … that is kind of true , but it stil requires a lot of “trying an failing” before you can get the blog to resemble what you had in mind for the layout… 🙂

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