Nov 02

IE10 and Exchange 2013 (ecp) incompability ?!

There seems to be a problem with the ecp when using IE10 on a Windows 2012 Server . It keeps crashing all the time 🙁

Earlier this week i was at a Exchange 2013 course and we all had this problem in the lab enviroment.

Later when installing the RTM Version in my test enviroment i got the same problem. One solution is of course to use Firefox , it works fine 🙂 .

I switched over to  my Windows 8 Laptop and strangely enough IE 10 works fine ?!

However , when going to forums and blogs on the net i find that even IE10 i Win8 crashes for some people.

A bit embarrasing for MS maybe ? 😉 suppose they are coming out with a patch soon…