Dec 22

IIS 6 – How to run 2 ssl websites on the same server (Win2003)

To run several websites on the same server using the standard ssl port (443) you need to set a host header for the ssl website. In IIS7 it is easy and can be done through the gui but in IIS6 you need to use the adsutil vbs.script .

This is how :

1. open a command prompt

2. browse to C:\intepub\AdminScripts

3. type in : cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set /w3svc/<site identifier>/SecureBindings “:443:<host header>” 

Replace <site identifier> with the identifier number for the website (Se image below) , and the <host header> with the host header that you want to use , for example mywebsite.contoso.com.


You have to run this command for each website that uses ssl port 443 on the server.