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Mar 19

Domain joined server gets public firewall profile ?!


I made a strange discovery the other day , some of the fresh installed Windows 2012R2 servers at a customer site gets the Public profile on Windows firewall even if the server is domain joined. This happens when the server is restarted and also happens on domain controllers !!! Very annoying because the public profile disables Remote …

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Nov 27

Set up two standalone Hyper-V 2012R2 servers as replication partners

I needed to set up two physical servers, as Hyper-v servers that host replicas of eachothers Virtual machines. They do not have a shared disk resource so “Hyper-V replicas” is a way to get some safety against hardware failiures. (I use Windows server 2012R2 standard edition because the customer wants a GUI to manage the servers) As …

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Aug 28

Migrate AD CS from windows 2008 to Windows 2012 – Enterprise PKI


You probably have read through a bunch of articles on how this can be done and i hope ended up thinking that  “The Microsoft Way” ( is probably best. Well , in a way it is,  but i had success doing only some of the steps in the migration guide. I can not guarantee this …

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