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Dec 22

IIS 6 – How to run 2 ssl websites on the same server (Win2003)


To run several websites on the same server using the standard ssl port (443) you need to set a host header for the ssl website. In IIS7 it is easy and can be done through the gui but in IIS6 you need to use the adsutil vbs.script . This is how : 1. open a …

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Dec 11

Task Scheduler – can’t activate “Run whether user is logged on or not”


Ran into a strange problem the other day when i was trying to set up a simple task on a Windows 2008 server. I created a job in Task Scheduler that copied files from a network share to the local drive, and the job worked fine as long as the user was logged on. But …

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Jun 20

Removing registry key in .reg file

I have done a bit of application packaging and small scripts for installing these applications. Doing this i needed to completely delete som Registry keys added by a .reg file. This is simple enough if you have the reg file that first did create the key. Just add a – infront of the key and …

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