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May 14

Do-not-reply mailbox in Exchange 2010

Got a question today from a customer that wanted a “do-not-reply” mailbox. A good post for the blog that probably will come in handy later, i thought. A quick search om google and i found a great article written by Richard Kok . So why reproduce the setup in my blog when i can link to …

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Nov 30

WMI GPO filters to distinguish Windows versions

Found a good article about using WMI filters on GPO’s to distinguish between Windows Versions : This can become handy when all computer accounts are stored in the same OU and you need to apply a different GPO for each version of Windows. Important to remember is that Windows XP has different version numbers for …

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Nov 02

IE10 and Exchange 2013 (ecp) incompability ?!

There seems to be a problem with the ecp when using IE10 on a Windows 2012 Server . It keeps crashing all the time 🙁 Earlier this week i was at a Exchange 2013 course and we all had this problem in the lab enviroment. Later when installing the RTM Version in my test enviroment i got the …

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Nov 02

Trying to understand WordPress

– It is so easy and everyone can use it … that is kind of true , but it stil requires a lot of “trying an failing” before you can get the blog to resemble what you had in mind for the layout… 🙂

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